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Individuals appearing in public as Anonymous, wearing Guy Fawkes masks


Anonymous is group that intends on taking down corrupt sects of the internet, via hacking or other means. They are completely anonymous, hence the name. The battle between Anonymous and Scientology known as Project Chanology is legendary and there have been some successes. [1]


Different individuals have different philosophies but generally the more moral Anons, "Moralfags" believe they are battling against evil.

Overview of AnonymousEdit


After the Paris masacre Anonymous declared war on ISIS and warned terrorists from ISIS, "“Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down,”. Since the Charlie Hebdo attacks Anon has been taking down extremist websites [2] and that will likely be stepped up.

An Anonymous splinter group claims to be spying in ISIS and giving information to counter terrorist groups. They claim to have stopped one terrorist attack. [3]

Enemies of AnonymousEdit

The British government GCHQ has been hacking into computers that anon supporters use and putting malwaare into Anon computers. GCHQ have been carrying our Denial-of-service attacks against Anon websites and forums. Because they're connected with the UK government GCHQ can get away with all this while Anon hactivists risk prison when they do anything similar. The American CIA knew what the British were doing. [4] Are the American CIA also spying and hacking Anonymous? We don't know as nobody has leaked that information ... yet.


  • They have been accused of being in the Illuminati.
  • They have over 100 videos on YouTube
  • They fight against the New World Order
  • They support Ron E. Paul for president of the united States of America.
  • They have an event every November called the Million Mask March
  • They believe that the government sets false flag attacks.
  • They went after Sam Pepper for what he has done
  • They were to believed to have predicted the New York Stock Exchange glitch back in July of 2015[5]
  • on Feburary 23 2016 Three Anonymous members of French desent were trail for leaking information of 541 police officals G hacking Goverment websites in 2012.[6]


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History of the Hacking Group Anonymous

History of the Hacking Group Anonymous