ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) is a terror group in Iran, Iraq and other places who beheads people, burns people and does a great deal to people that are bad. Sometimes ISIS films the disgusting outrages they commit and uploads videos on the Internet. [1]

The group may also be in America.[2]

ISIS use bombs to kill innocent people at random, they kidnap people at random and later kill them. ISIS take hostages and later murder them if local police or military can't free hostages in time. ISIS have even kidnapped and murdered aid workers who are in a dangerous area to help.[3]

On March 22 2016 ISIS Attacked an Airport and Metro Train Station in Brussels Belgium.[4]

In January 2018 A German mother was arrested for joining the terrorist group[5]


Anonymous hates ISIS & has taken down their media accounts on Facebook.

Anonymous claims they've discovered and prevented terrorist attacks in Lebanon, Indonesia, Italy and the United States.[6] Did they do it? Many people connected with Anonymous are expert hacker and certainly have the skills needed.

List of AttacksEdit

See List of terrorist incidents linked to ISIL


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